Thursday, September 17, 2009

San Francisco - Day 5

Didn't solve the may maze. Maybe next time.

Hay maze!

I've never been to beaches this empty... though the water was cold.

Giant empty beach off Route 1 toward Monterey

San Francisco - The Cartoon Museum

An original prodciton drawing of Briar Rose by Marc Davis

Eyvind Earle BG

Another Earle

Nice Ron Dias art for a Roger Rabbit book. Dias, a background artist since the late 50's, owns this Sleeping Beauty art on display.

Unidentified Bugs production drawing

Unidentified Popeye cel - I guess late '40's

Unidentified Daffy cel - I guess 90's.

Holy $%#&!!! A Flower $ Trees production drawing!!!

Jungle Book art by Al Dempster. See the stages of BG design!

San Francisco - Day 3

I love the last paragraph of this placard

I thought these were flowers - they turned out to be a cluster of ladybugs.

Muir Woods. Home sweet home.

The "door to nowhere" in the Winchester Mystery House

An awesome Fortune Teller in the Winchester Mystery House. Check out your options.

The start of the 17 mile drive.

San Francisco - Day 2

A Eucalyptus grove near New Brighton Beach

New Brighton Beach

Dr. John in Santa Cruz

Dr. John

San Francisco - Day 1

Cousin Steve