Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ecuador - Day 10

Jan 3, 2010

I love this town. The morning market sells, among other things, a plethora of organic fruits, vegetables and grains. The small towns aren't normally big on fresh fruits and vegetables for public consumption (the country makes more money exporting its produce to the States). But this day, you could get whatever you wanted. "Yappa" by the way is what to say to get them to add a little extra to your bag no charge. It's a secret of the locals.

I adore the folks of Lata. Clever is Ana's brother. He's incredibly smart, as well as curious about my life -- as one of the few Americans he knows and as the sole Jewish guy he's actually talked to.

La Señiora - Ana's and Clever's mother. She's very eccentric and sweet, and insists with a her gaspy speech "sientate. Comé. Cante. para mi, por favor" Sit down. eat. sing for me, please." I sang a folk song for her, and that triggered her to burst into song. She's a lovely woman who gave me room and board for a night, and she's a lot of fun.


My friend Martha. She's teaching English to 7-year-olds. One of the gentlest souls I know.

A running gag was that I was mentioning my girlfriend, Jenn, during the trip. The only thing cornier is making a PDA with a photo.

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