Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ecuador - Day 6

Dec 30, 2009
TENA is a town in the lower Amazon region. It was sunny every morning and rainy at night. I knew I wouldn't be near a phone the next two days, so I called my parents and my girlfriend from a "porta" phone booth to wish them a happy new year. This was my view from the booth:

Tena from my window:


Ana and I strolled down the street and found an off-road that led up a hill - it was a residential avenue adjacent to some wilderness. As we climbed the hill, the houses began to look like this:

At the top of the hill was the highway. Crossing the highway was another residential dirt road. The dirt road led to a path of wooden slats into the dense jungle. Then, as Doc said to Marty, "Where we're going we don't need roads."

We sat on a log and spied a citrus bush with its fruit so ripe they was falling onto the soil. We had a lunch of jungle grapefruit. Whatever they were, they were bland but extremely juicy. I took a couple in my back pocket with me as we headed back - and were intercepted by a super-sized butterfly.

Ana makes a friend.

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